Visitor Guidelines

We are excited about your visit to Owl’s Hill, please understand we are a private sanctuary, managed to protect native species and their diverse habitats. Consequently, we offer limited daily day pass admissions in addition to our school and public program offerings. Trails and facilities are kept to a minimum in order to protect ecologically fragile areas of the Sanctuary. 
When visiting Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary, please follow these simple rules. This will not only protect the species living here -- it will ensure that others are also able to enjoy the experience.


  • A Day Pass or Program Registration is required for access to the Sanctuary.
  • All Day Pass purchasers are required to sign in/out at the Visitor Center upon arrival and departure.  This helps keep track of cars that should and should not be here. Gate locks promptly at 4 pm.
  • Stay on designated trails, and keep group sizes small.
  • To protect fragile habitats and the wildlife, pets are not permitted in the Sanctuary, even with a leash. Certified, identifiable service dogs are welcome.
  • Smoking, firearms, and alcohol are prohibited.
  • Removing any flowers, plants, rocks, feathers, or animals is strictly prohibited. Unless it's trash, if you did not enter the sanctuary with it, please don't leave the sanctuary with it. 
  • Do not remove any stakes, poles, signs, markers or other objects as they may be part of an ongoing study or project.
  • Picnics are permitted in the orchard area. Do not litter. We are a carry-in, carry-out facility.
  • Do not trespass on land adjacent to Owl’s Hill.
  • Unmanned aerial systems, motorized vehicles, frisbees, balls and bicycles are not permitted.
  • Observe wild animals from a distance. Use binoculars and cameras.
  • Hunting is strictly prohibited.
  • Photographs are a wonderful way to remember your visit. Visitors are welcome to take snapshots of subjects that capture your visit. A photography permit and fee is required for those wanting to use Owl’s Hill as a backdrop for posed, portrait or commercial photography.
  • We are rustic by design; there are no regular restroom facilities at Owl’s Hill. Porta-potties are located near the Visitor Center.

For Your Safety:

  • Wear closed-toe footwear suitable for hiking.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Bring insect repellant. To protect yourself from ticks, chiggers, or poison ivy…wear long pants and tuck them into your socks. Check for ticks after visiting.
  • If you're allergic to bees, remember to bring along a bee sting kit.

Be Mindful of Your Ecological Impact:

  • Do not make new trails.
  • Seeds stick to shoes and clothing. You may introduce non-native weeds without knowing it. Inspect pant legs and shoes (including soles) and remove any seeds before entering.
  • Avoid walking in wet areas where soils are saturated and soft. These areas are especially sensitive to vegetation trampling.
  • Watch out for bird nests on low shrubs and the ground. They are generally well concealed and are easily crushed.

If you see any damage or things we need to repair/correct please contact the Owl’s Hill staff at 615-370-4672 or