For over twenty years, Owl’s Hill has offered a variety of camps to children of all ages. With 160 acres to explore, from our natural play area to the creeks and ponds, campers are able to experience nature in a truly unique way.


Campers aren't just outside all day, they are outside with themed activities—and free play—that build layers of knowledge, skills, confidence, and an affection for native Tennessee wildlife and habitat.  Kids get a glimpse of how everything is interconnected, and a sense that they themselves play a crucial role. And "outside" at Owl's Hill means easy access to wonderfully varied habitats: woods, ridge, orchard, ponds, creek, barrens and meadow. I love the balance between structured nature-based activities and unstructured free time in the woods and orchard. Everything the kids do is by default hands-on—no virtual worlds, only our very real one that they are learning to enjoy and protect.

-2014 Owl's Hill Camp parent