Great Horned Owl Society

It was the calls of the Great Horned Owls resonating from the ridge top of their new country home that inspired founders Walter and Hulda Cheek Sharp to name it Owl’s Hill. 

Our Great Horned Owl Society is a circle of friends who provide essential annual operating support for Owl’s Hill. Contributing $750 or more each year, Great Horned Owl Society donors help fund year-round school and public programming, trail upkeep, habitat restoration, species protection projects, animal care and a host of ongoing needs.  All core mission work that keeps us a special place for visitors of all ages to explore the great outdoors, learn about native wildlife and connect with nature.

Great Horned Owl Society donors receive special access to Owl’s Hill, an invitation to our annual Great Horned Owl Society gathering, complimentary admission to select programs, and more. Join the Great Horned Owl Society today.

For more information, contact Mary Catherine Mousourakis at 615-370-4672 or

Society Benefits:

Twenty-four (24) Day Passes
Come enjoy the beauty and serenity of Owl's Hill for a day!

Complimentary Admission
Enjoy complimentary admission to select program days. 
Dinner in the Forest
Pre-sale notification for Dinner in the Forest tickets
Sunset at the Sanctuary
Invitation for two (2) to the annual Sunset at the Sanctuary celebration 
Annual Report & Monthly Newsletter
Recognition in Annual Report and monthly e-newsletter