Birthday Party FAQs

How much do the parties cost?
Tuesday-Thursday (Weekdays): $280
Friday - Saturday (Weekends): $350
What does the cost cover?
Total guests (Children + Adults): 15
Where does the party take place?
Outdoors under the Russell Pavilion, rain or shine.
What does Owl’s Hill provide?
We provide the guided hike, a craft project.
What should we, as the hosts, bring?
You may bring decorations (no pinatas or balloons please) and food with all the necessary serving ware. We recommend that you bring a cooler to store perishable items. Owl's Hill operates all of its programs on a carry in-carry out basis and therefore asks that you take all leftovers, trash and recycling with you.
What if it rains or the weather is bad?
We have an indoor classroom space that we will use if it is too cold or stormy to be outside. However, in severe weather situations, we will contact you to reschedule.
Are all of the parties suitable for boys and girls?
All of our parties are suitable for both boys and girls.
Are all the birthdays appropriate for all ages?
Birthdays are appropriate for ages 4-10.
Can we bring along infants/toddlers?
Yes, but please be aware that our trails are not suitable for strollers, bikes or wagons. Owl’s Hill staff can not take responsibility for these small children.