Field Trip Programs

Field Trip Program Descriptions

Programs can be customized for the grade levels. Minimum 15 students. Limit 30 individuals total (students, teachers, chaperones) unless otherwise noted. 

PRICING (includes admission and program): Programs are approximately 60 minutes (including guided nature hike). **Full payment is required at time of registration or at least one week before your visit.**

Students (and additional adults and siblings 3+ years of age) are $7 each IF prepaid to the school. 

  • Additional material or lab fee may apply to some programs.
  • Class Teacher and one adult chaperone per class are FREE.
  • Additional adults and siblings 3+ years of age not included in group payment are $8 each the day of the field trip. However, group size cannot exceed a total of 30 individuals, as indicated above.

FIELD TRIP PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: We accept credit cards or checks only.  No refunds will be issues.

  • Programs take place rain or shine.
  • Rescheduled trips due to severe weather resulting in school closure or delayed opening will not result in a cancellation fee. We will make every possible attempt to reschedule trips cancelled because of weather. 
  • Materials and Lab fees are nonrefundable.
  • Rescheduled field trips must occur before Sept. 30, 2021.

Living Things
All Seasons

Observe the differences between living and non-living things. Students will explore the forest and learn about the life cycles of plants and animals.

State Standards: K.LS1.1, K.LS1.2, 1.LS1.1, 1.LS1.2, 1.LS1.3, 1.LS2.2, 1.LS2.3

Discover Nature
All Seasons

Exploratory hike that utilizes sensory experiences and observation while visiting the orchards, cedar forests, mixed deciduous forests, and aquatic habitats around the sanctuary.

State Standards: K.LS.1.3, K.ETS1.1

Autumn Nature Adventure 

Exploratory hike and traditional hayride observing native plant seasonal adaptations.  End the program with an appropriate story and a visit to the pumpkin patch!

State Standards: K.LS1.1, 1.LS1.2, 1.LS1.3, 2.LS1.1, 2.LS1.2, 2.LS2.1, 2.LS2.2, 3.LS1.1, 3.LS4.1, 3.LS4.2, 4.LS2.5,  

**Special Pricing:** $10 / student (includes program+ pumpkin + hayride)          $7 / pre-paid chaperone (pumpkin not included); $8 / walkup chaperone (pumpkin not included)

Due to the up-front expenses, this program must be paid in full in advance; no refunds.

Animals in Winter
January, February, & March

Observe cold weather adaptations of native plants and animals and compare cold weather strategies like hibernation and migration.

Butterflies, Butterflies
September - October; April - May

An introduction to the life cycles of butterflies.  Learn to identify common butterflies of Middle Tennessee and take an exploratory hike to find caterpillars and their parents.

State Standards: K.ETS1.1, K.LS3.1, 2.LS1.1, 2.LS1.2, 2.LS1.3, 2.LS2.1, 2.LS2.2, 2.LS3.1, 2.ESS1.1, 3.LS1.1, 3.LS4.1, 4.LS2.5

Feathered Friends*
All Seasons

Learn about the characteristics, habitats, adaptations and migrations of birds.

State Standards: K.ETS1.2, K.LS3.1, 2.LS1.1, 2.LS1.2, 2.LS2.1, 2.LS2.2, 2LS3.1, 3.LS1.1, 3.LS4.2, 4.LS2.5 

What do Bees Make?
September - October; March - May

Use our observation bee hive and Hymenoptera display to explore metamorphosis, adaptation and reproduction.  Discover all of the everyday goods that utilize the fruits of bee labor and hike the grounds looking for bees and other pollinators.

State Standards: K.ETS1.1, 1.LS2.3, 2.LS1.1, 2.LS1.2, 2.LS2.1, 2.LS2.2, 3.LS1.1, 3.LS4.1, 3.LS4.2, 3.LS4.3, 4.LS2.5,  

Reptile & Amphibian Discovery*
All Seasons

Learn the differences between reptiles and amphibians. Participants will meet a reptile and an amphibian to learn about characteristics, diet, eggs, and adaptations.

Meet an Owl*
September - May (NOT available June - August)

Meet our non-releasable education owls and discover the varied habitats and adaptations of native owls. Owl Pellet Dissection activity option (in lieu of the guided hike) - additional $3/student material fee.

State Standards: K.ETS1.2, K.LS3.1, 2.LS1.2, 2.LS1.3, 2.LS3.1, 3.LS1.1, 3.LS4.1, 4.LS2.5

Indigenous People Program
All Seasons

Step through an anthropological window of the past to discover how inhabitants of Middle Tennessee and the Americas lived.  Natural trail signs will guide students to a storyteller that focuses on American Indian lifestyle.  

State Standards: SSP.01, SSP.05, K.02, K.04, 1.03, 1.04, 1.06, 2.01, 2.02, SSP.01, SSP.05, 3.19, 5.27, 5.28

Additional $3 / student material fee

Life Cycles
All Seasons

The balance of nature.  When you figure out the food chain in an ecosystem, you can see how the animals, plants, and their habitat are connected. 

State Standards: 2.LS2.1, 4.LS2.1, 4.LS2.2, 4.LS2.3

Forest Ecology 
All Seasons

Explore the different stages of succession in the forest habitat and learn to identify common Tennessee trees through observation of bark, twigs, and leaves. We will hike through the forest habitats of Owl’s Hill to observe the relationship between plants and animals in the forest ecosystem.

Fossil Study
September – November; March - May

An introduction to fossil investigation using field guides and simple observation techniques.  Learn about the fossils of Middle Tennessee and go on an exploratory hike to find fossils around the sanctuary.

State Standards: 4.LS4.1, 5.LS4.1

Please note: Limit 2 classes per program

Interpretive Habitat Hike
All Seasons

Exploratory hike that utilizes sensory experiences and observation while visiting the orchards, cedar forests, mixed deciduous forests, and aquatic habitats around the sanctuary.

Predators-Part of the Picture*
All Seasons

This program promotes the understanding of predators, the adaptations for catching prey and why predators help maintain the delicate balance of nature.

State Standards: 4.LS2.2, 4.LS2.3, 5.LS4.2

Comparative Anatomy of Mammals*
All Season

Students will compare and contrast the anatomy of different mammalian orders with use of teeth, skulls and pelts.

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