Our Values

Environmental Education & Research

We value and believe in

  • Teaching environmental education through hands-on and field experiences.
  • The inquiring minds of adults and children, and the innate desire to learn.
  • The concept that everyone is both teacher and student.
  • The importance of understanding ecological concepts and processes.
  • Functioning collaboratively through respect, honesty and open communication.
  • Providing experiences and interactions with nature which foster stewardship.

Change begins with awareness, knowledge, and skills.  We offer many environmental education programs for grades Pre-K through High School, Scouts, and Adults.  Visit the Education Page to find out more.


Ecology and the Natural Sciences are ever-changing; we are constantly discovering new things about the world.  Visit the Research Page to find out what we are finding out. 


Conservation and Protection of Natural Resources & Restoration of Native Flora and Fauna

We value and believe in

  • Respecting and protecting Earth's diversity.
  • The intrinsic value of natural spaces such as meadows, forests, creeks and ponds.
  • Teaching stewardship by example.
  • Using sustainable materials that complement the natural surroundings for physical plant improvements.

We protect earth's precious natural systems for the health of all species and for current and future generations; we also believe that humanity's impact on our natural surroundings can be beneficial.  Visit the Meet the Goats Page to find out how we're managing invasive plant species.

Spreading an Appreciation and Enjoyment of Nature

We value and believe in

  • Promoting lifelong behaviors which protect natural environments.
  • Life enhancing experiences through contact with nature.
  • Advancing our mission by providing a welcoming atmosphere.

Caring for nature begins with an experience. We want to provide all people with the opportunity to participate in the natural world. Visit the Events Page to find out how and when you can experience nature at Owl's Hill.