Cam Pierce Band

Cam Pierce Band

Friday, June 28, 2019
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm  (Concert 7 pm)
Early Bird Tickets: $15 / person ($20 at the door); $100 / carload (up to 6/vehicle) 
Add-On: $25 / reserved picnic table (seats 6)

Cam was born in a place a lot of folks only see in magazines or on post cards the majestic Pacific Northwest. He'll tell you it's every bit as beautiful and inspiring in real life as on paper. His connection to nature is what makes the opportunity to play in the meadow at Owl's Hill even more special. 

Cam has done a sort of "walkabout" through the vast musical landscape leaving virtually no style un-explored. From Punk, Hardcore, and Pop, Country, Folk, Ska, "whatever it took to get the story told". 

"A little bit of each type clung to me like burrs. I've never been one to dig into any one sound for too long. Country and folk always calls me home though." 

Come join Cam and the band at Owl's Hill for Music in the Meadow and enjoy your picnic dinner under the stars. Sorry, no dogs.

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