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Non-Fee Programs

Species Monitoring programs require a great deal of patience and the ability to stand quietly for extended periods.  

  • They are not suitable for young children. 
  • If you are registering older children, please be sure they are truly interested in the subject.   
  • There will not be a teaching session, crafts or activities. 
  • Several of these programs have a small participation fee.  Please check the Field Ecology page for details. Rather than place such small charges on credit cards, we request that  you pay at the event.  Since one check must be sent to the national organization, exact change in cash is much appreciated.  We are happy to provide a receipt.  

Free the Trees programs involve trimming brush and removing invasive plants. 

  • This is suitable for scout and youth groups looking for a service project. 
  • Be sure everyone has work gloves and is dressed for the weather. 
  • There will not be a teaching session, hikes, crafts or other activities.
Meet the Author is a lecture and discussion.