The Big Payback

May 3, 2017

Support our mission to protect and restore the native habitats of Middle Tennessee for wildlife 

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How do we #Give2Hoots about Wildlife, Habitats & Environmental Education every day at Owl's Hill?

By protecting the wildlife in the over 160 acres of land we manage from development and habitat fragmentation:

Habitat destruction and fragmentation are the leading cause of plant and animal species loss. The isolation of these smaller patches of land causes wildlife populations to compete for resources that are continually shrinking. The initial All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory documented over 2,000 species of flora and fauna, including 115 species never before recorded at Owl's Hill. One was a new state record dragonfly - the Thornbush Dasher; another a small mammal species currently "Deemed in Need of Management" - the Meadow Jumping Mouse. 

There is still a great deal more we can discover at Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary! Visit to support our continuing efforts!

By ridding the land of invasive plant species that out compete native plants using different methods: goats, controlled burns, mechanical means, and herbicides if necessary AND By restoring certain habitats to their original state with the addition of native plants found in that type of habitat:

Invasive plant species notoriously imperil native habitats by various means including growing and spreading very quickly giving them the opportunity to take light and nutrients before native species, releasing chemicals into the soil that prevent other plants from growing, and being especially resistant to common control methods. It is important to curb this aggressive behavior to give our native plants that native wildlife depend on a chance to reestablish themselves.

Native habitats provide the essential needs of food, water, and shelter that native animals need to thrive. With a healthy habitat, a diverse wildlife population is ensured. Balanced ecosystems are more immune to outside perils such as pollution, the consequences of climate change, and any other phenomenon that might disturb a certain population of species.

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And by engaging adults and children in interactive, hands-on environmental education programming:

The connection - that creates the love that creates the passion that ignites a lifelong stewardship of our environment. Every child, parent, college student or visiting adult who pass through the gates at Owl's Hill enter into a safe place or exploration and preservation. There are questions to be asked and answered. Plants and animals to discover. Moments to conquer your fear or excitedly try something new. These are the moments we live for at Owl's Hill. 

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