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Girl Scout

Cadette Scout Night Owl Badge
Cost: $10/person,  includes Owl's Hill badge

Complete most* requirements for the Cadette Night Owl Badge at Owl's Hill:

  • Meet the Owl's Hill owls and learn what makes them excellent nocturnal animals.
  • Consider other animals that are out at night and adaptations that help them live in the dark.
  • Create your own nocturnal animal
  • Take a night hike, using your night vision and other senses to find the way.
  • Observe familiar North American spring constellations and learn their meaning to different cultures.

*The requirement to meet people who work at night will not be covered.  Leaders should arrange for their troop to do this at another time.

Note: Girl Scouts USA  is now using the  new "Journey" books. We are currently developing programs to fit in with this new structure. Some badges may be exchanged for the appropriate Journey Awards as they become available.  Troops interested in pursuing topics formerly addressed through the older badges should call or e-mail.  Many topics may be covered through the Environmental Enrichment Programs.


For Individual Troop Visits

These programs fulfill some of the  requirements for various badges and scout projects, while educating your scouts about the world around them.  Pricing and availability is listed below.  To view programs, click here.

  • $8/scout; $5/adult; 2 leaders free for most programs
  • Minimum of $50
  • Maximum of 20 scouts
  • Includes an Owl's Hill patch
  • Offer weekdays morning, early afternoon or after school
  • Note:  Some programs may not be available after school between November 1 and January 15 unless scouts can arrive by 3 pm.
  • Weekend openings not available
  • These programs are not open to tag-a-longs of any age.

Some achievements require scouts to work on an outdoor conservation project. The Owl's Hill Free the Trees afternoons are an excellent choice, cost nothing and offer something for all ages.  



Silver scouts in front of pollinator garden. 2010



We have a limited number of openings available for Scouts seeking a Gold or Silver Service Project.  Contact us by e-mail or at 615-370-4672.  Projects are completed between August 1 and April 1.