Hoot & Annie

Hoot & Annie

Eastern Screech Owl, Megascops asio

Hoot and Annie came from different rehabilitators, but both have wing injuries thought to be from being hit by a car.

Although rarely seen, the Eastern Screech Owl is thought to be the most numerous owl in Tennessee. It has two color morphs, reddish brown and gray.  The red morph is the most common in this state.  It is found in urban and rural areas.

Screech Owls have two songs.  A soft, one note trill and a whinny that is used in defense of its territory. They nest and roost in cavities that are either natural, made by woodpeckers, or nest boxes. Three or four eggs are laid in late March to early April.  The female does most of the incubating, but both parents feed the young. Fledglings leave the nest at about 31 days but stay with the parents for up to three months.

Eastern Screech Owl Distribution Map