Great Horned Owl, Bubo virginianus

You learned about my species from Andromeda, so I will tell my story, perhaps the saddest of all.  I was found as a baby still in the blue-eyed phase, so I did not learn what my mother owl looked like.  The person who found me kept me for a while before giving me up to a wildlife rehabilitator.  When I was ready to be released in the Hacking Program,  I kept returning to people for food. 

The rehabilitator realized that I had been kept so long, that I was imprinted on people.  It was determined that the only choices for me were to be put down or live in a cage for the rest of my life.  I lay eggs each February-March like other great Horned females, but my eggs are not fertile and will never hatch.

Please remember wild animals do not make good pets.  Leave them to live in the wild or if they need help, give them to a rehabilitator.  It is against the law to have wild animals as pets.