Our Board

Board of Directors

Dr. Charles E. Smith, Board Chairman
Chancellor Emeritus, Tennessee Board of Regents

Norm MiedeImmediate Past Chairman
Nissan USA

Jay Levy - Vice Chairman
HCA Healthcare

Dana ColemanSecretary
Lovell Communications

Sam DavisTreasurer
TBH Global Asset Management

Susan Duvenhage - Ex Officio
President and Executive Director 

Jennifer Bent
Scales Elementary, Williamson County Schools

Tim Bent
Bridgestone Global, Retired

Betsy Crossley
Brentwood City Council

Sharron Francis
Professor emeritus of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine

Claudia Gifford
Community Volunteer

Kerrie Johnson
Community Volunteer

Llew Ann King
Community Volunteer

Martha Larkin
Human Resources Professional, retired

Susan Leathers
Brentwood Home Pages, founder

Erich Chadwick
Reliant Bank
Young Leaders Council Intern

Jean Buchanan - Honorary

Past Chairs:
Norm Miede, 2014-2016
Connally Penley, 2013-2014
Margaret Howell, 2012-2013
Mary Brockman, 2011-2012
Joe Diehl, 2010-2011
Lee Peterseim, 2009-2010
Carl Zimmerman, 2008-2009
Lee Peterseim, 2007 - 2008